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School Sport and Funding

Sports Premium Annual Reports
Annual Sports Successes
2019-20 Swimming Statistics 

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety


What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?

N.B. Even though your children may swim in another year please report on their attainment on leaving

primary school.


What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]?


What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations?


School Sports Funding 2020- 2021

At Whitehall Junior School, we view leading healthy and active lifestyles as a priority for our children and their families. The sports funding we receive each year enables us to successfully provide a diverse range of opportunities for our children to be healthy and active. Each year, we review our spending and evaluate the effectiveness of our sports provision. This analysis is then used to widen and enhance the opportunities we provide to ensure our children continue to live healthily and actively as well as learning new strategies to be healthy. The school will spend the funding on: promoting healthy, active lifestyles; increasing numbers of children who participate in out of hours sports clubs; using external providers to deliver adventure activities; use of coaches to team teach PE lessons with school staff; and providing children with leadership opportunities within sport. The money will be allocated accordingly in order to support the school to make sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all our children.  


Whitehall will receive approximately £20,034.00 in sports funding and the planned spend is as follows:


Academic Year:

Total funding allocated:



Approximation of Expenditure:

PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator

School Focus/ planned Impact on pupils

Actions to Achieve

Approximation of Expenditure

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles.

To engage the least active population of pupils through C4L. Delivered by play leaders at lunchtime.

Hiring of ClubSport coaches as positive play leaders at lunchtime.



(ClubSport package)

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.

Ensure high quality extra-curricular activities are delivered to pupils to increase out of hours sport participation and ensure high quality of teaching.





To train sports ambassadors to lead playground games at play time and report on school sport to raise profile of PE and sport amongst their peers.



Ensure pupils have appropriate equipment that is fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing.



To provide inspirational opportunities for pupils to become more engaged in sport and to set high aspirations.



Sports assemblies to celebrate Level 2 competitions and ‘sportspeople of the year award’ to inspire school community.

Hiring of ClubSport coaches to lead before and after school sports clubs plus ‘PEECS’ training for staff.


Hiring of boxing, hockey and dance coaches (Kick London) to lead after school sports clubs.


Interview and select sports ambassadors.  Train them and supply them with a timetable to work from.  Hold regular meetings.  Order sports ambassador badges.


Equipment audit and perchance a range of sports equipment from Davis Sports incl. as needed.


Booking GB Athlete presentations and workshops (Health and Fitness week).




Medal order and trophy engraving.



(ClubSport package)


Approximately £6,000.00



Approximately £50.00






Approximately £200.00




NO COST! Postponed 2019-20 due to Coronavirus and rescheduled


Approximately £300.00

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.

To ensure that staff has the appropriate skill set, knowledge and confidence to deliver a range of physical activities for both indoor and outdoor PE lessons.

Conduct staff questionnaire on confidence levels and book PEECS, CPD courses/team teaching/observations according to feedback.



(ClubSport package)


Approximately £100.00 additional courses

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.

To engage all children in an adventure activity.










To provide sessions for children which focus on other aspects of healthy living such as healthy eating, mental health and alcohol and drugs awareness.

Booking highline adventure rock climbing and bouldering wall. 

(Health and Fitness week).



Booking HOAC raft building


Booking ‘Little Musketeers’ fencing sessions


Book A-Life Workshops for the whole school (Health and Fitness Week).


Supplying a fruit stall during health and fitness week for pupils to try healthy foods.

NO COST! Postponed 2019-20 due to Coronavirus and rescheduled


Approximately £400.00


Approximately £400.00



Approximately £1,400.00


Approximately £100.00

Increased participation in competitive sport.


To provide opportunities for children to compete in inter-school (Level 2) competitions.










To provide opportunities for children to compete in intra-school (Level 1) competitions.


CPD for staff will allow them to ensure all PE units have a competitive element (level 1).






To provide inspirational opportunities for children to become more engaged in sport (level 1) and to set high aspirations.

Monitor admin costs for inter-school competition entry/organisation.   


Monitor ClubSport play leader delivering competitive playground games.



Monitor hockey and dance coaches (Kick London) delivering competitive games during their clubs.


Monitor Sports ambassadors leading competitive playground games.


To support less experienced staff members through a team teaching scheme with a level 2 experienced Uxbridge Cricket Professional Coach and PE coordinator.




Book GB Athlete presentations and workshops (Health and Fitness week).

Approximately £50.00



Approximately *£11,000.00 (ClubSport package)


Approximately *£6,000.00



Approximately *£50.00





(ClubSport package)


Approximately *£100.00 additional courses


NO COST! Postponed 2019-20 due to Coronavirus and rescheduled



 * indicates where allocated funding is paid once but impacts more than one 'key outcome indicators'.

PE Lessons

At Whitehall Junior School, we view Physical Education as an extremely important part of the national curriculum. All children are timetabled with two hours of PE every week. These sessions include both indoor and outdoor PE lessons. Throughout the academic year, children complete three dance and three gymnastics units through indoor sessions. Outdoor PE lessons provide children with the opportunity to take part in a range of invasive team games and individual sports as well as athletics. Our PE lessons teach the children the skills needed be successful in a range of sports. Every PE unit provides the children with the opportunity to practise the skills learnt in competitive scenarios. Our inclusive PE curriculum allows all children to develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills in a healthy competitive environment.


Daily Mile

This year Whitehall Junior School continues with the Daily Mile which was introduced into the timetable last academic year.  Every day, all children take part in the Daily Mile to further promote leading a healthy lifestyle.


Sports Coaches

Sports coaches are a vital part of Physical Education and sport at Whitehall Junior School. They are deployed in a range of capacities to ensure children receive high quality teaching in both PE lessons and extra-curricular sports clubs. The sports clubs at Whitehall Junior School are delivered by fully qualified coaches. On a weekly basis, the coaches provide regular training sessions for a wide range of sports and physical activities. We have had great feedback from the children who are currently attending these clubs and it has been great to see them benefit from these wider opportunities. Our sports coaches are also utilised during lunchtimes. Every child has the opportunity to be physically active by taking part in games led by our coaches at lunchtime (as well as our trained sports ambassadors). Following on from the successes last year, ClubSport coaches will continued to work alongside our teachers to develop their PE teaching skills. The course involves a range of team-teaching and observation sessions to ensure our teachers continue to deliver high quality PE lessons.  


Squad Training

As well as the clubs ran by external sports coaches, a number of Whitehall staff also give up their free time to deliver squad training sessions. From these squad training sessions, children have the opportunity to represent Whitehall a range of inter-school competitions. These competitions consist of leagues where matches take place on a weekly basis and knock-out tournaments. 



At Whitehall, we see swimming not only as a great way to stay healthy and active, but as a fundamental life skill. To help prepare children for life outside the classroom, we have continued to provide Year 4 with regular swimming lessons throughout the year. By introducing swimming lessons at an earlier age, compared to previous years, we hope to see an increase in the amount of children who can swim 25m by the time they leave in Year 6.