School is now closed for the summer break. It will reopen to children on Wednesday 4th September 2019. Remember that the new closing time is now 3:15pm daily. Have a wonderful summer break.
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Curriculum and Assessment

At Whitehall Junior School, your child’s learning is taken from the National Curriculum and a locally agreed syllabus for religious education. The Curriculum aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve; to prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Through their learning experiences, our pupils are also encouraged to further their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 


Some of our best learning takes place outside of the classroom environment, it also occurs during playtimes. We encourage our children to make full use of the facilities on site. Lessons may take place in the ICT Suite, the cookery room, the Studio, by the pond area or on the field. Similarly, we take our children on visits which will enrich their learning experience. Such visits may be planned to deepen their understanding of a particular topic or to stimulate interest in a new theme of study.


We fully appreciate your support as we work together to educate the citizens of the future. Our learners need to develop the skills that will enable them to become fully equipped to cope with the challenges of adult life. Our curriculum reflects this by promoting the learning and teaching of skills which are fully transferable. For example, whilst it may be important to know where Greece is located if children are studying the ‘Ancient Greeks’, it is also necessary, as a life skill, to be able to locate Greece on a map and to understand its position around other countries. It is also important that our learners can communicate this information and use their skills to locate other countries, becoming increasingly familiar with the world around them. It is this balance of gaining knowledge and actually learning skills, adaptable throughout life, which we aim to enhance for our learners during their time with us.


Our teachers work hard to plan new and exciting opportunities for learning.  We use historical and geographical themes to launch each term's topic focus.  We always raise aspirations in English and maths. RE teaching will continue to follow the locally agreed syllabus which reflects the diversity of our community.  You will learn more about the areas of learning your child will explore in our regular year group newsletters.


We place great importance on assessing pupil learning.  Parents receive a guide to our assessment practices on entry to our school.  We have developed our own system for keeping a record of pupil progress and monitoring which targets have/have not been met. Our learners know that they need to work their way through our 'rainbow'.  We fully comply with national end of Key Stage assessments and believe that daily assessment within the classroom is essential.  This helps our teachers plan appropriate lessons and our learners to recognise their next steps.  Parents receive official feedback on their children's learning three times a year (through our 'Attainment & Progress' sheets) and three times a year through parents' meetings.


Please speak to your child's class teacher if you would like any further information about our curriculum.

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