Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will be held on Thursday 26th May 2022. As well as the party food that the school will provide on that day, all children are to come in wearing red, white or blue, including fancy party dresses and suits, to mark this momentous occasion. Let's make this a wonderful celebration!
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Whitehall Junior School

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Staff List

Staff you will meet in school 2021-22




Mrs Moloi

Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Upfield

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Costa

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Huse

SENDCo (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Azeem, Miss Costa, Miss Lattimore, Miss Lusher, Mr Mitchell and Miss Sayed

Year 6 Teachers

Miss Brown, Miss Hyland and Miss Mattera

Year 5 Teachers

Mr Gohil, Miss Guernieri, Mr Jones, Mrs Norman and Mrs Perez

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Kelly, Mrs Seymour, Miss Shaw and Mx Spacey-Mageean

Year 3 Teachers

Miss Groves 

Trainee Teacher

Miss Akhter, Mrs Broderick, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Ricketts & Mrs Sohanpal 

Group Teachers & Support

Miss Treanor, Mrs Garnie, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Boultwood, Mrs Pickett, Mrs Gadher, Miss Holley, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Symss, Mrs Bhogal, Mrs Williams, Mrs Howat, Mrs Bassett, Mrs Smith & Mr Wicks

Teaching Assistants

Mr Papadakis & Miss Sadanandan

Cover Teachers

Mr Heath & Mr De Souza

Premises Team

Mrs Childs, Miss Dragomir, Mrs Hallan, Miss Henry, Miss Hinds and Mrs O'Reilly


Mrs Tudorescu

School Business Manager

Mrs Simmonds

Pupil Well-being Officer (Safeguarding)

Mrs Treanor

Welfare Assistant

Miss Chick

Receptionist & Clubs Coordinator

Mrs Childs, Mrs Garnie, Miss Holley, Mrs Bassett, Mrs Butcher, Mrs Hallan, Miss Nogueira & Mrs Jones