Our October half-term break will begin on Sat 23rd Oct. 21. The school will be closed to children until their return on Tuesday 2nd November 2021.
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Pupil Premium

For details of our school sports and use of this funding, please see the 'About Us' menu and select 'School Sport and Funding' page.

Having returned to school from lockdown (March - July 2020), all Pupil Premium pupils have been considered for the Government's catch-up provision.  Our catch-up premium funding plan can be found here.

Whitehall Junior School is committed to ensuring all pupils fulfil their potential and reach for excellence.  We accept that there are factors that can hinder this progress for some children and we are determined to work actively to reduce the impact of these barriers.  These barriers include: irregular attendance, being a late joiner to our school, special educational needs, English as an additional language and specific individual family needs. Our Pupil Premium Grant is used to support children and families who are entitled to receive the Pupil Premium Funding so that we can work to narrow any attainment gap.

Whitehall Junior School receives additional funding for Pupil Premium pupils. We report on our spending and their progress each year.


If you believe your child may be eligible for Free School Meals, please access this menu within the 'parents' section of this website or click here.  IMPORTANT:  Please be aware that even if your child is entitled to Free School Meals and you do not wish for them to have this service, it is important that you still register your child's entitlement as they would still receive additional funding which can be used by the school to support them in reaching their full potential through many other services the school provides.

Planned Spending for 2021 – 2022

The school will receive £165,435.00 Pupil Premium funding from April 2021 to March 2022 budget.  We will also receive additional funds of £1,860.00 for Pupil Premium Service Children. Governors, teachers and the well-being team of staff have decided to apportion the money as follows:


Teaching and Staff Costs Improving learning in the curriculum, improving social and emotional state and family support.

£95,000.00 approximately

Including: employment of a co-worker for Pupil Premium co-ordinator whose timetable includes time to individually coach PP children and run targeted intervention groups; employment of a specialist SEN teachers who work with SEN and Pupil Premium Pupils; class teachers offering extra classes before school; experienced mathematics teacher to work with Pupil Premium pupils further to address specific barriers to their mathematics knowledge; leader of family group and GREG (Grass Roots for English Group); release for Pupil Premium coordinator to team teach, plan, monitor and evaluate provisions for Pupil Premium pupils and emotional and well-being support from ‘well-being’ staff members.

Support staff costs Improving learning in the curriculum, improving social and emotional state and family support.

£50,000.00 approximately

Including: TAs to support learning in the mornings; TAs to support learning in the afternoons and additional emotional and well-being support.

Staff professional development and Professional services Improving learning in the curriculum and social and                                                                                                                                                                    emotional state. 

£12,000.00 approximately

SLT training; Quest partnership; CPD training and specialists’ services e.g. Speech and Language, 1:1 mentoring, dyslexia, play therapy, behaviour support and educational psychologist.

Extra-Curricular Activities Extra-Curricular enrichment and family support.

£3,000.00 approximately

Before and after school club; sports clubs run by outside agencies and music lessons e.g. guitar and keyboard.

Enrichment projects Extra-curricular enrichment.

£3,000.00 approximately

Trips organised in response to children's future aspirations.

School Educational Visits Extra-curricular enrichment and family support.

£3,000.00 approximately

Residential in Year 6, Whitehall Week for Y6, support towards year group trips.

Resources/Stationery Family support.

£2,000.00 approximately

Pupil planners, stationery, kit and magazine subscriptions.

Planned Strategy for 2021 – 2022

Annual Reports