Our Summer Term has begun. With warmer weather on the way, our school's red and white gingham dresses can now be worn. Please remember to send your child in with a bottle of water daily.
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School Dinners

Ordering School Dinners Online


Please note that if you wish your child to have a hot dinner, you must order before midnight on the day before. If you do not do this, your child will NOT be able to have a hot dinner and you will need to provide them with a packed lunch. All meals are free for children from September 2023 till July 2024. You will still need to book your child's selection at least the evening before. 


To order dinners online please:

1. Enter into your web browser.  You will then see a white screen in front of you.  On the top right-hand side, there will be a blue box that reads ‘parent log in click here’.

2. Click on this box you will then bring a screen up in front of you that will ask for your mobile number, your email address and your password. (Please only use the mobile number and email address that you have given to school, otherwise your password will not work.

3. After you have entered the requested information you will then be asked your child’s first name.  Please only enter your child’s first name.  If you have more than one child at Whitehall please enter the name of the oldest child; your other children will also appear on the same account (if this doesn’t happen please contact reception 01895 234 071).

4. Once you have entered your child’s name and clicked ‘confirm’, you will then see another screen in front of you.  On the right, you will see your child’s name, and next to it ‘Top Up – Dinner £11.75’ you will need to tick the select box that is there.

5. You will then have a box appear on the screen in front of you, it will have the date of the Monday of the week if you click on ‘ok’. You will then see Monday to Friday on the screen, next to each day is a drop-down menu.

6. Select " hot lunch "  for the days your child wants to have a hot dinner by clicking on the arrow at the end of each day of the week.  You do not have to select a hot dinner each day - only on the days that your child would like one.  You will only pay for dinners on the days selected.

7. When you have finished click ‘ok’ and you will return to the main screen again. 

8. If you wish to select more dinners, follow the same process as above, and on the drop-down menu select the date/dates ahead that you wish to choose and order for your child.

9. Once you have finished selecting your child’s meal and you have clicked ‘ok’ you will notice a blue box at the bottom right of the screen - it reads ‘make payment’. 

10. You will need to click on this box which will direct you to a payment page that will ask you for your card details.  Enter your card details, click ‘ok’ and you will be sent an email confirming your payment.     


Free school meals  

All children will receive free school meals from September 2023 till July 2024.



If you have any arrears on the school money system you will be able to pay this by logging on to School Money and looking at the left-hand side of the screen.  If there are any arrears, the amount will appear next to a tick box - you need to tick the box, click ‘ok’, and go to the bottom right-hand part of the screen. Click on the blue ‘make payment’ box.  You will then be directed to a payment page which will ask you for your card details - enter your card details and click ‘ok’. You will be sent an email confirming your payment.    



If your child is off sick, please inform the office if you have ordered a hot dinner and we will cancel it for you and your account will be credited. If you do not let the office know, we will not be able to credit your child's account.