Our school is currently closed for the Spring break. School reopens for all to start the Summer Term on Monday 15th April 2024. We look forward to welcoming you back that day.
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Additional Resources

Listed below are some further resources you may wish to use with your child/ren. These are completely optional and offer additional ideas if that is what you are after.


Whitehall Weekend Wonders

Don't forget that our Weekend Wonders cards offer many suggestions of activities which can be done in the home. Listen to the birdsong, watch the sun set, look at the stars. Create your own possibilities...


For Year 6 pupils, a mathematics transition unit to prepare you for Year 7

Parents, you can sign up to Numerise for a free transition unit that will help to prepare your child for transition into Year 7. The resource focuses solely on mathematics and by setting up an account, you can see how your child is progressing.


Seneca Learning

A free learning website which caters for pupils from KS2 right through to A-Level. Pupils can log on and learn about different subjects and topics, testing their knowledge as they do so. An article in 'The Times' newspaper (30.05.2020) stated that 3.7 million pupils are now using the site to help their learning, with more than one third of British school children accessing Seneca. The learning is covered in bitesize chunks and is adapted depending on a pupil's memory weakness. In other words, this website aims to help learning stick!


Daily Home Learning with White Rose Maths

Some of you will have accessed these superb materials before the Easter holiday. White Rose Maths continue to provide daily maths lessons, including videos, some of which now link into the BBC materials. Click on your year group’s web address below and you can keep your maths skills fresh!


Third Space Learning

Third Space Learning have produced a series of worksheets, to match the daily White Rose Maths resources, above. Should you wish to develop your application of these maths skills further, do take a look at: and select the relevant year group for the current week.


Support from the BBC

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

From Bitesize Daily, parents and children will be directed online to BBC Bitesize for videos, quizzes, podcasts and worksheets on a range of subjects. These shows are aimed at all children across the UK and split into age groups 5-7 years, 7-9 years, 9-11 years, 11-12 years and beyond. The website will also house guides offering help to parents about how to teach their child, advice for effective

home schooling, and guides for pupils with SEN (Special Education Needs).

BBC iPlayer BBC iPlayer will serve up specially curated content to showcase the very best curriculum-related videos and programmes. Organised by year group and subject, it will be easy for children to find and navigate further support for their learning.
BBC Sounds Two brand new daily education podcasts will be available on BBC Sounds, aimed at parents of primary and secondary pupils. Each episode will last around ten minutes and will be a guide to help families home schooling find content on the BBC that supports their education and well-being.


Audible Stories

Stories help!  They entertain, they teach and they keep your young mind active, alert and engaged.  Click on the link below and instantly stream an incredible collection of stories.  All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Explore the collection, select a title and start listening.  It is that easy!


Book Trust

An excellent site with recommended book lists, categorised by age range and topic, including fiction and non-fiction. Family activities are included in the ‘Home Time’ section.



For those of you who love creative writing, Pobble displays a daily, visual story-writing stimulus to get you started! It also suggests story starters and asks questions to get your ideas flowing.



For those children who have been accessing Nessy in school please do continue to log onto the Nessy site and carry on your learning. 10 - 15 minutes a day would be great!  If you need help with logging in please email


Hillingdon Library Service

The library service has a blog available at which hosts some writing suggestions for children. For those families who do not have a library account, the service has also organised a temporary sign in. You can now join Hillingdon Libraries as a temporary member online. This will give you access to many of their online resources including @BorrowBox and @PressReader. Simply visit$N?pc=SYMWS to sign up today!


Virtual Museum Tours

Although we are unable to visit some of London's top museums at this time, many of them have created online access to their museum collections. You can take a virtual walk around many of these and feel amazed by some of the world's top art and artefacts. If you feel inspired by what our London museums have to offer, many other international museums are offering the same access to get exploring and safely search those of interest to you!

British Museum:

National Portrait Gallery:

Science Museum:


Century: English, Maths and Science Learning Resource

Please visit the following website

Here you will need to enter the following codes, along with your child’s email address (if your child does not have an email address, we recommend setting one up). Please monitor your child when working online. The account is then created and your child can start learning straight away.  Century will provide your child with a personalised learning path that is tailored to their skills and knowledge.

Year 3 code: 3XVUL9

Year 4 code: 3XVUDB

Year 5 code: 3XVUK9

Year 6 code: 3XVUQ3


Oxford Owl

A free collection of ebooks from Oxford University Press which compliment our reading scheme. You can log in as a parent and access free resources.


Discovery Education

A website which has a wealth of educational resources for every area of the curriculum as well as daily challenges. 

To log onto Discovery Education visit

Once there, the log on details are as follows:

Login: student23162 (no spaces or capital letters)

Password: whitehall (all lower case)


Home-based Learning Ideas

Learning ideas

Read with your child and hear them read.

Do puzzles and play board games.

Draw imaginary story maps.

Look up the flags of the world.

Use an atlas or online map to identify countries and capital cities.

Science at home

Gardening activities (either in your garden, if you are fortunate enough to have your own outdoor space, or through tending for a plant - perhaps a fresh herb plant if you can buy one at a supermarket).

Cooking and baking (you can link this to maths and measurement).


Make up a play to perform.

Read some poetry - can you learn a poem off by heart?

Can you create a dance or fitness workout to a favourite song?


Third Space Learning

This week's mathematics set tasks - engaging retrieval practice activities where you have to apply your problem solving skills to answer the set questions.  Good Luck!

For those of you wishing to discover more about the learning covered within each year group, our curriculum overviews can be found, as always, by clicking on the link above.