Welcome back to the start of the Summer Term.
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Please see below some areas of Mathematics that would benefit your child. These are areas you can work on together, spending just a few minutes a day on one or two. 


Number and place value

  • Counting up to 100 forwards and backwards
  • Reading and writing numbers up to 100
  • Reading and writing numbers up to 20 in words
  • Counting on and
  • Knowing addition and subtraction facts up to 20
  • Learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, plus division facts


  • Telling the time to the hour and half hour
  • Putting the days of the week and months of the year in order
  • Measuring length, weight and capacity and comparing these measurements


  • Recognising, naming and describing common 2D and 3D shapes
  • Using shapes to make patterns, models and pictures
  • Describing whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns


Ideas to try:

  • Play games: a simple board game such as snakes and ladders gives your child valuable practice in counting on. Dominoes are also good for counting spots and matching numbers
  • Play cards – take out the Kings, Queens and Jacks and then try to turn over two cards that add up to ten. You can play a similar game with dominoes, counting the spots
  • Point out odd and even numbers on houses when you go out for your permitted daily exercise
  • Get your child to add up the numbers on car number plates or buses
  • Build a tower – blocks are perfect for talking about size and shape
  • When you’re cutting a cake or pizza, talk about halves and quarters
  • Encourage your child to spot the different shapes you can see on the way to school
  • Get cooking: children love to weigh out the ingredients and check the timer