Our school is currently closed for the Spring break. School reopens for all to start the Summer Term on Monday 15th April 2024. We look forward to welcoming you back that day.
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Message to parents

Try to read with your child for about 10 minutes a day. Research tells us that reading with an adult or older family member helps boost reading progress and enjoyment. Take reading in turns and encourage your child to build confidence and fluency. If your child is struggling with the skills of reading re-assure them and remind them a little everyday will help them get better and better.


In school the children are used to regularly reading with an adult and will be able to tell you how much they enjoy this time. 


Some ideas:

  • Read books together, taking turns and talking about the parts you liked
  • 'Walk the book' - look at and and talk about the pictures and what you might learn from them. Talk about the title and why the book or story might have a particular name
  • Predict what might happen next in the story
  • Encourage your child to look at and discuss non-fiction books, for example encyclopedias, dictionaries or an atlas
  • Write notes for your child so they can practise reading at different times
Please keep learning how to read the high frequency words as knowing them will push your reading on quicker and quicker.