The school is now closed for the summer break. We look forward to welcoming back our new Year 3s on Friday 4th September and all other learners on Monday 7th September 220. Have a wonderful summer! Stay safe and stay well!
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Whitehall Junior School

Happiness at the heart of learning

Vision and Values

The Vision of Whitehall Junior School:


'Happiness at the heart of learning'

Our school is a welcoming and inclusive community providing all children with high quality learning in a respectful and safe environment. Through inspirational teaching and a positive, encouraging atmosphere, we enable children to aspire and embrace lifelong learning in an ever-changing world.


The Strategic goals of the Governors for 2020-23 are:

  • Pupils achieve well across the curriculum in all year groups;
  • Highly effective teaching and learning and a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • The school works in partnership with parents and carers to develop a safe, healthy and inclusive learning community;
  • Leaders and governors ensure that the school is a well led, ambitious and innovative place to learn and work.


Our Values

We use the bridge of our school logo to help us remember our values, as follows:


Bravery (persevering when things are difficult, facing learning challenges)

Respect (respect for ourselves and others; fair inclusion of everyone)

Integrity (being honest and trustworthy)

Determination (challenging ourselves to improve)

Generosity (thoughtfulness, cooperation and emotional growth)

Excellence (taking pride in everything we do)


A bridge takes us to new places and overcomes obstacles.

Together, we build bridges.