The school has now officially shut until further notice. As of Monday 23rd March 2020, we will be running a 'special provision' for vulnerable children and for children of critical workers. Please see our 'Coronavirus - SCHOOL CLOSURE' page within the 'parents' menu.
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Special Educational Needs

Our SEND Coordinator is Mrs L Huse. She can be contacted on: 01895 234071.


Our Equality Policy sets out our equality principles (or objectives) which are summarised below:


Principle 1: All learners are of equal value. We see all learners and potential learners, and their parents and carers, as of equal value.

Principle 2: We recognise and respect difference. Treating people equally does not necessarily involve treating them all the same. Our policies, procedures and activities must not discriminate but must nevertheless take account of differences of life-experience, outlook and background, and in the kinds of barrier and disadvantage, which people may face.

Principle 3: We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist. We intend that our policies, procedures and activities should promote:

· positive attitudes towards disabled people, good relations between disabled and non-disabled people, and an absence of harassment of disabled people

· positive interaction, good relations and dialogue between groups and communities different from each other in terms of ethnicity, culture, religious affiliation, national origin or national status, and an absence of prejudice-related bullying and incidents

· mutual respect and good relations between boys and girls, and women and men, and an absence of sexual and homophobic harassment.

Principle 4: We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development.

Principle 5: We consult and involve stakeholders. We engage with a range of groups and individuals to ensure that those who are affected by a policy or activity are consulted and involved in the design of new policies, and in the review of existing ones.

Principle 6: Society as a whole should benefit. We intend that our policies and activities should benefit society as a whole, both locally and nationally, by fostering greater social cohesion, and greater participation in public life.

Principle 7: We formulate and publish specific and measurable objectives, based on the consultations we have conducted and the evidence we have collected as well as national and local priorities and issues, as appropriate.



SEND Information Report 2019 - 2020