Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will be held on Thursday 26th May 2022. As well as the party food that the school will provide on that day, all children are to come in wearing red, white or blue, including fancy party dresses and suits, to mark this momentous occasion. Let's make this a wonderful celebration!
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Internet Safety

Dear families,


On Tuesday 9th February 2021, children will be celebrating ‘Safer Internet Day’ with a variety of videos and digital activities. The main focus for this year’s learning is, ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’.


We are also hosting a competition encouraging children to create their own ‘Safer Internet’ posters, flooded with advice they would share with their peers. There are exciting prizes to be won for the winners from each year group.


In order to make the most impact, we’re reaching out to you to support your children with conversations about their internet usage. 


Here are four things you can do to ensure your child has a healthy relationship with the internet.

  1. Ensure you have enabled safety features on phone and computer devices your child uses and your home broadband. 

  1. Reflect on your own internet usage, are you a ‘sharent’? 

  1. Discuss your child’s internet usage with them. Develop a family agreement or set of rules.

  1. Download the ‘Own it’ app for your child to have ongoing access to information and support for their own online wellbeing. 


We will be announcing our winners for our Safer Internet Poster Competition right after half term.  


Happy scrolling,

Miss Hyland

Computing Lead