Christmas Dinner Day and Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 8th December 2023. Let our festivities begin!
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Trip to Bankside

The weather was especially kind as Year 4 marched through Bankside and its surrounding areas, absorbing a range of artwork at the Tate Modern and the immense beauty of St Paul's Cathedral. 


Admiring many of Salvador Dali's and Pablo Picasso's masterpieces, the children also witnessed many alternative styles of art - for example, Cildo Meireles' Babel 2001, a gargantuan tower made up of analogue radios:


Within this piece, each radio within the tower has been set to a different frequency with its volume set to the minimum level at which it's audible - this relates to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel: a tower tall enough to reach the heavens. Affronted by the structure, God caused the builders to speak in different languages and, ceasing to comprehend one another, became divided and scattered across the earth. According to myth, this inability to communicate became the cause of all mankind's conflicts.


The children appreciated various art forms and had great fun trying to decode their meaning and purpose. Many children were bemused when presented with a rather simplistic canvas, but built a greater depth of appreciation when unpicking its purpose.


Year 4 questioned why many of the buildings surrounding the stunning St Paul's Cathedral were more modern and contemporary. Some children knew that this was in part due to World War 2 and its devastating impact upon Bankside - destroying much, but leaving in tact the cathedral itself; as some would believe, God works in mysterious ways