The school is now closed for the February half-term break. Don't forget that the school is closed to the children until Tuesday 20th February as Monday 19th February is a Staff Training Day.
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Science Museum, London.

The Year Fours ventured to South Kensington for what would be their final outing as members of the Lower School. The children had a fantastic time at the Science Museum, absorbing all the exciting activities, displays and experiences around them. They immensely enjoyed a presentation about the science that lies between explosions, understanding the relationship between various elements, i.e. oxygen, fuel and heat. This tied in nicely with their recent topic: Volcanoes.


The children witnessed the history of electrical household appliances, such as the vacuum cleaner - marvelling at the fact the an early model was the size of a refrigerator! Many children observed VHS players for the first time, asking, "How big were the Sky HD+ boxes back then?" Year 4 had a fabulous time and many cannot wait to take their families back to the Science Museum over the summer to enjoy the new exhibitions.