Teacher Strike Days: We are pleased to announce that we are now able to open all classes on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March 2023. All children are to attend school as normal. This includes Class 3L & Class 4L.
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District Sports

This afternoon, Whitehall Junior School took 28 pupils from Years 3-6 to represent our school in this year's District Sports competition, competing against eight other schools at Hillingdon Athletics Track.  Our pupils took part in either a track event, a field event or a relay race; all pupils performed amazingly throughout this competition and they modelled fantastic sportsmanship throughout.  Whitehall Junior School were awarded with nine medals in total in the following disciplines:

Year 4 girls' tennis ball throw, gold medal.

Year 5 boys' 70M sprint, silver medal.

Year 5 boys' standing triple jump, gold medal.

Year 5 girls' standing triple jump, bronze medal.

Year 5 boys' vortex howler throw, bronze medal.

Year 5 6 x 66.66M relay, silver medal.

Year 6 boys' 80M sprint, bronze medal.

Year 6 girls' 600M race, gold medal.

Year 6 girls' standing long jump, silver medal.