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Welcome to Whitehall Junior School


I am delighted and honoured to be commencing my duties as your new Headteacher.  I am very keen to get to know parents, pupils and staff. Thank you to those of you who have already extended a warm welcome to me in the playground and I look forward to meeting more of you over the coming weeks. 


From my experience of being a teacher and a Deputy Headteacher for a combined period of 18 years, I know that a successful and happy school depends on all of us working together.


Whitehall Junior School has a history of striving for excellence and for establishing meaningful partnerships with our parents.  I am looking forward to finding out more about the school so that the further improvements we make in this new chapter of the school's history are supported by the whole school community.


Parents make an important contribution to children's achievements at school and I want to develop the relationship between the school and parents for everyone's benefit. I will be holding a number of events over the academic year, which will provide an opportunity to meet you and discuss the building of a successful partnership.  Please look out for our regular newsletters and take advantage of the 'calendar' facility on our website which enables you to link our school events directly to your mobile devices.


Thank you for visiting our site.


Mrs Anneline Moloi