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Vision and Values

Our Vision:

  • Being the school of first choice for the community;
  • Being proactive, flexible and responsive, outward looking, forward thinking;
  • Positioned to meet challenges of an ever changing environment;
  • Staffed by well supported teams, offering high quality evidence based teaching and learning;
  • Ensuring consistently high outcomes for all children across all subjects;
  • Preparing children to embrace lifelong learning, seize opportunities and be positive about their futures.


Our Values:

  • Respect for ourselves and others;
  • Being caring, kind, honest and trustworthy;
  • Taking pride in and responsibility for everything we do;
  • Listening to each other and working co-operatively;
  • Persevering when things are difficult and learning from our mistakes;
  • Challenging ourselves to improve and being curious to know more;
  • Developing emotional and spiritual growth and promoting self-confidence, creativity and independence;
  • Tolerance and thoughtfulness and fair inclusion of everyone;
  • Valuing individual liberty, democracy and the rule of law;
  • Protecting and sustaining our environment.


Our School Aims

We aim to promote the development of our pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will encounter in life by offering learning opportunities in a secure, caring environment that recognises the needs and aspirations of each individual.


The curriculum is designed and organised to encourage each child:

  • To develop a lively enquiring mind capable of questioning and problem solving;
  • To be responsible, independent and confident yet able to work co-operatively with others;
  • To acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their future life in a fast changing world;
  • To be a thoughtful member of a caring community;
  • To become a tolerant member of a multi-cultural society;
  • To understand and respect the world in which they live;
  • To grow emotionally and develop sensitivities through experiences of the arts to become literate and numerate;
  • To appreciate human achievements;
  • To keep minds and bodies healthy.