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Our house teams are a long-established tradition at Whitehall Junior School with many former pupils fondly recollecting their house team and colour. We still have the original shields in school! Despite a long history of the teams themselves, the way house points operate has undoubtedly changed.  When children achieve a house point, they will receive a counter which they can put into their house jar in their classroom. Every Friday, House Captains and their deputies will collect and count the counters; these will then be placed in our house display boxes. These boxes take pride of place outside of Mrs Moloi's office and week by week we will be able to see which house is in the lead.


As well as achieving house points for classwork, homework and behaviour, children will have opportunities to gain points for their house throughout the year in special events such as: inter-house sports, fundraising and many more activities. This includes activities for teachers, who have all been assigned a house also. 


Who will win the most house points this half term and win a special prize?


Be sure to check this page regularly to see  the scores and who the leading house is!



Chiltern: 6,758

Colne: 6,551

Frays: 6,553

Mill: 6,596


Weekly winners:


Spring term week 1: Frays

Spring term week 2: Frays

Spring term week 3: Frays

Spring term week 4/5 (no collection due to snow in week 4): Mill

Spring term week 6/7: Frays

Spring term week 8: Colne

Spring term week 9: Colne

Spring term week 10: Mill



Previous winners:


Autumn 2018: Mill

Times Tables House Point Challenge


Spring scores are:


Chiltern: 86.62%

Colne: 80.04%

Frays: 79.3%

Mill: 75.8%


Well done to all children in Chiltern house, you have been awarded 1000 house points for your win!