Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will be held on Thursday 26th May 2022. As well as the party food that the school will provide on that day, all children are to come in wearing red, white or blue, including fancy party dresses and suits, to mark this momentous occasion. Let's make this a wonderful celebration!
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Year 6 Visit to Uxbridge High School

Our thanks go to Mr Clemens and his team at Uxbridge High School for arranging a special trip today for all of our Year 6 pupils.  Our pupils have been invited along to spend part of the day at a secondary school to learn more about learning beyond Key Stage 2, secondary school routines and systems and to get a 'feel' for what awaits them from next September.


Feedback from pupils on their return was incredibly positive. One pupil said: 'I feel very well prepared for secondary school now because we saw all the different types of rooms and how they were set up for different subjects.' Another reported: 'The stairs are luxurious! What I mean is that there were so many of them but they were actually quite beautiful.'