School reopening update: Further to the DfE's recent announcement, Hillingdon schools will not be reopening for all pupils on Monday 4th January 2021. Provision will only be made for children of critical workers and those who are vulnerable. All other pupils will access remote learning until further notice. Stay safe and stay well. Don't forget to report your child's positive case via:
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The Circle of Life

On Wednesday night, our school hall was transformed into a theatre. Over 130 people were in attendance for the final performance, as Year 4 transformed themselves into characters from Disney's classic, 'The Lion King.' This version however was appropriately named 'The Circle of Life' and the children took their audience on a journey: absorbing the sounds, colours, moods, plains, craters, jungles and sunsets of East Africa. The set was stunning, costumes unbelievable and the actors were simply outstanding. Many parents agreed that they had seen nothing quite like it: from the setting sun to Scar and his evil cackle of hyenas. The Y4 team - children and adults alike - did a great job of recreating the story for the local community to enjoy. Parents were extremely complimentary and really couldn't believe their eyes. This really was one that'll live long in the memory.