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Reading for pleasure

As a school, we are passionate about reading. Through English lessons, the children are exposed to a wide variety of high quality novels which they read in their entirety. Always driven to develop children’s knowledge of literature, the English team set up a lunch time quiz around the school for children to complete. Around the corridors, we posted a wide variety of quotes from books that the teachers love. The children had to match the quotes and story with the author. Through doing this, our hope was that we would inspire children to try reading some new novels and become familiar with the names of a variety of quality authors.


The quiz was an inter-house competition with entries being completed on coloured paper that related to the house team colours. This element of competition motivated the children and we had evenly distributed entries from across all teams. We are pleased to announce that the winning house was Chiltern. The house captains for this team will be choosing a reward for their team.