Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will be held on Thursday 26th May 2022. As well as the party food that the school will provide on that day, all children are to come in wearing red, white or blue, including fancy party dresses and suits, to mark this momentous occasion. Let's make this a wonderful celebration!
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Harvest Festival Preview Performance

Enormous thanks to 6W who treated our local retired neighbours to a wonderful preview of their Harvest Festival performance this afternoon. The Whales' class gave us much to reflect upon and linked harvest to their learning about WW2 and food rationing; a theme which was very relevant to this afternoon's audience, with one being a past pupil at our school during the war years. Clear voices and beautiful singing delighted our audience, who stayed to enjoy a cup of tea and a cake with us. Thanks also to our parent who donated a home-made lemon cake to serve to our visitors. Visitors left with a Whitehall Junior School shopping bag of food items. All remaining harvest donations will be welcomed by the local food bank. Thanks, 6W, for giving our visitors an afternoon to remember; they paid you many well-deserved compliments as they made their way home.