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A-Life Workshops

On Thursday 11th and Friday 12th March, A-Life visited Whitehall Junior School to conduct workshops with each class bubble.  All Year 3 and 4 class bubbles took part in a 'Healthy Workshop' where they were able to investigate all the different ways in which they can keep themselves healthy.  All Year 5 class bubbles took part in an 'Alcohol and Drug Awareness Workshop' where they learnt about peer pressure and the need to make good choices in order to keep themselves healthy.  Year 6 class bubbles took part in a 'Mental Well-Being Workshop' where they learnt about how mental and physical health are intrinsically linked and about the importance of looking after (and improving) their mental health and well-being.

All class bubbles thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and it enabled explicit teaching and learning on how to keep physically and mentally well, which we greatly value here at Whitehall Junior School.