The school is now closed for the summer break. We look forward to welcoming back our new Year 3s on Friday 4th September and all other learners on Monday 7th September 220. Have a wonderful summer! Stay safe and stay well!
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Parents & Carers, we have decided to reorganise our 'home learning' page to make it as streamlined and user-friendly as possible. We are so pleased to have had such positive feedback from our families and we thank you for your continued support at this challenging time. So, to give you an overview of our 'new look' page, please read on!


  • Your child's daily home learning tasks will now be clearly listed on a page of their own - this page (red pencil icon below) is your 'go to' for each day's learning. It's all there, clearly listed and not surrounded by lots of additional information. If you've only got the chance to look at one page - this is the one to click on. Select your child's year group and you are good to go. Less is more!
  • Mindful of the need to keep both our bodies and minds healthy during this difficult period, we have created a new page for our fitness and mindfulness links (orange pencil icon below). A healthy body and a healthy mind contains the links to PE with Joe Wicks, plus other suggestions for physical activity.
  • We are all in this together. We acknowledge that many parents/carers will be working from home while trying to manage home learning tasks and provide online access to all living in the home. Do what you can - you are not expected to become teachers or replicate WJS at home! Consequently, we have moved some of our suggested resources to an additional resources page (yellow pencil icon below). You can't do it all but if your child wants to do more learning and this is feasible within your home, look on this page for further ideas. Not essential but there should you want more.
  • If other resources and services for SEND and specific pupils apply to your family (green pencil icon below), take a look at this page. If services have asked us to signpost their support to you (e.g. speech and language service), then this can be found on a page of its own. These will only apply to specific pupils so we didn't want to overwhelm you with detail if it doesn't apply.
  • As we celebrate what we have achieved as we get to grips with home learning, our home learning photographs (blue pencil icon below) will now all be contained within this one page. Again, this reduces the wealth of information contained within our daily learning tasks page. Keep sending in your photos (sending in grants permission to share online) and see what our pupils are up to - we are celebrating both the academic and physical achievements over this time!
  • Finally, if your child learns within our Chameleons, Starfish or Herons groups, then take a look at the hub classes - learning activities page. Mrs Huse and her teaching team will upload suitable activities and ideas for you to try, as you continue to support your child at home.

Guidance aimed more specifically at parents/carers, can be found on our coronavirus page within the 'parents' menu (see link below). This particular page provides links to well-being, advice lines, emotional and community support, e-safety and local services and is a useful directory of guidance to support you at this time.

As we all get used to learning from home, please take a read of the attached guidance for pupils, parents and teachers. We hope this offers you some reassurance.