School is now closed for the summer break. It will reopen to children on Wednesday 4th September 2019. Remember that the new closing time is now 3:15pm daily. Have a wonderful summer break.
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Hello Year 3 Dragonflies!


What a wonderful opportunity it truly was to meet you at the end of last term – some familiar faces yet others we have never seen before and look forward to building a good rapport with. An exciting prospect awaits you in the next couple of weeks: the start of your life at Whitehall Junior School. We would like to wish you all a restful summer holiday – filled with reading, Maths games, sports and more! But you will need all of your energy come September, when you begin Year 3.


The autumn term will be a busy one, and you will be expected to work harder than ever. There will be lots of fun along the way, with new after-school clubs to try out, school trips to attend, and new friends to make, so make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity.


Remember to complete your holiday homework which is to create a Dragonfly based board game as well as a 3D model of your favourite animal character. This will be an interactive game to complete in the first week back so that we can get to know each other. First impressions count and I am eager to see what you are going to have prepared for me.


You should also be continuing to read over the summer; I will be keen to find out your recommendations in September as well as give you some of my own. There is also a free reading challenge taking place at the library over the summer – go check it out!


I look forward to hearing all about your adventures and getting to know you better when we return. Enjoy the holidays and come back refreshed and ready to learn.


Mr Jones, Mr Gohil and Mrs Thomson