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The Governing Board


On behalf of Whitehall Junior School’s Governing Board I’d like to welcome you to our website.  I am privileged to hold the position of Chair of Governors here at Whitehall Junior School, and have been an active member of the Governing Board since my son attended the school 7 years ago. The role is a challenging but very fulfilling one, and I’m proud to be associated with a school which aims to provide the best education and learning environment for our local children.  The Governing Board consists of various members who represent the ‘stakeholders’ of the school. These include parents, members of staff, the community, and the Local Authority. The aim of the Governing Board is to both support, and to challenge the school and to fulfil three main roles:


1. Provide strategic direction for the school.

2. Act as a critical friend to the school.

3. Ensure accountability and the optimum use of resources in order to properly meet the needs of all children and the staff that support them.


Currently governors meet several times each term, either as part of a full governing board meeting or as part of a smaller committee. They also visit the school to meet linked classes and to discuss various matters linked to the school’s improvement plan.  All new governors are welcomed and play a vital role in ensuring that the views of parents and the local community are heard.  If you have a keen interest in education or improving the outcomes for children, and you have some time to spare to join us, please contact the school directly and we can advise you. You may also like to refer to the the London Borough of Hillingdon website


My association with the school has proved to be both enjoyable and rewarding.  I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow governors to ensure that “Happiness at the Heart of Learning” is experienced by all the children who attend Whitehall Junior School.

Best wishes

Angela Doherty

Chair of Governors – Whitehall Junior School 

Meet the Governors


Ms Angela Doherty - Co-opted Governor, all sub committees including Pay committee, term of office ends September 2019, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 100%


Dr Muhammad Kamal - Parent Governor, Member of the Resources committee, term of office ends August 2021, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 57%


Mr Peter James - Local Authority Governor,  Chair of Resources Committee, Member of the Pay Committee, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 79%

Mrs Heather Brooks - Teacher Governor, Pupils' Committee, term of office expires September 2019, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 100%


Mrs Patience Parker - Associate Governor, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 50%


Mrs Rayna Ramtohul-Butler - Co-opted Governor, Pupils Committee, term of office ends December 2020, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 73%


Mr Matthew Ralph - Co-Opted Governor, Resources Committee, term of office ends August 2021, attendance at meetings 2017-18 - 73%


Mrs Marcia Beeput - Co-opted Governor, Pupils' Committee, term of office ends August 2022, attendance at meetings - NA


Mrs Tarja Youssef - Co-opted Governor, Pupils' Committee, term of office ends August 2022, attendance at meetings - NA


Mr Kieran Bassan - Parent Governor, Resources Committee, term of office ends August 2022, attendance at meetings - NA


Ms Beccy Stubbs - Clerk to the Governors


There is currently a vacancy for two Parent Governors.


Resignations - We have had three resignations from the Governing Board in the last twelve months  -

Ms Trisha McGee, who served as the Boards Clerk for many years before resigning and becoming an Associate Governor, resigned due to to relocation. Trisha attended 93% of meetings.


Mrs Corie Brown, who served as a Parent Governor, resigned now her daughter has left the school. Corie attended 82% of meetings.


Mr Michael Doyle, who served as a Co-opted Governor, resigned due to personal reasons. Michael attended 27% of meetings.

Have you ever thought about becoming a school governor?

This what Fatema Datoo, a past parent governor, had to say about the role:


I have been a parent governor at Whitehall Junior School for over two years now and am enjoying the role tremendously.  I have learnt how the school works 'behind the scenes!' and the incredible amount of time and effort all the staff employ to make Whitehall a joyous learning environment for all our children.  As governors, we are involved in setting the school budget, making decisions on how money should be spent in certain areas, discussing changes in curriculum, approving new systems staff wish to set in place and analysing all the school data to make sure the children are achieving and performing at their best in all areas. As a new governor, I attended training courses which taught me how to be a school governor and if there is anything I am unsure of/need clarification on, the current cohort of governors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will answer all my questions. I would highly recommend becoming a parent governor to anyone wishing to help out the school and give back to the community as together we can make the school an even better learning environment, not only for our children but also for the generations of children to come.


Fatema Datoo


Interested in becoming a governor?  Please contact the school who will pass your details onto our clerk.

Meeting Dates






Governors' Day

18th Sept 2018

16th October 2018

16th October 2018

9th October 2018

5th February 2018

18th December 2018

23rd January 2019

23rd January 2019

4th Dec 2018


2nd April 2019

25th June 2019

5th March 2019

19th March 2019


21st May 2019


7th May 2019

18th June 2018


2rd July 2019






Whitehall Junior School Register of Business and/or Other Interests September 2018


Name of Governor

Category of Governor

Office Held



Details of business  or relationship


Nature of Interest

Connection to other Educational Institutions/Charities etc.

Dr Muhammad Kamal

Parent   Resources & Strategy



Brunel Business School

Ms Angela Doherty






Principal Adviser 11-19
Ealing School Effectiveness Service,Ealing Local Authority

Matthew Ralph






Brunel University

Mr Peter James


Chair of Resources

Resources & Strategy



Governor at Whitehall Infants School

Miss Patience Parker




HR & Customer Service Management Consultancy

Director/Managing Partner


Mrs Heather Brooks




Spouse of casual employee

Personal relationship


Mrs Rayna Ramtohul-Butler






Teacher at Hayes Park

Ms Beccy Stubbs Clerk to Governors         Clerks at other schools