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At Whitehall Junior School, we believe that happiness is at the heart of learning. As part of this, we hold high expectations of behaviour from our pupils at all times. These high expectations and our positive ethos create a calm, stimulating and safe learning environment in which our pupils can flourish. For our pupils to see our expectations in action, it is essential that the adults in school model these at all times. We model our school values (Bravery, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Generosity and Excellence) and demonstrate good manners to ensure consistency throughout our school. All our staff have received professional development which focuses on our approach to behaviour management, much of which is based on the work of Paul Dix and his book 'When the Adults Change, Everything Changes: Seismic Shifts in School Behaviour'.

Everyone in our school follows our simple behaviour code:

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Safe

Every behaviour can be related back to these three terms. For example, are you demonstrating that you are ready for learning? Is your behaviour towards others respectful? Is it safe to act in the way you have chosen to? In addition to Ready, Respectful, Safe and through class discussion, each class will also have a code of conduct for their own classroom, which they create together, giving a sense of ownership and responsibility. 

We want to put the spotlight on pupils who are demonstrating the behaviours that we want to see in our school. Teachers use 'recognition boards' to seek out and acknowledge those who are behaving well. We encourage all pupils to make wise choices; we use scripted interventions to guide pupils to review their choices and reflect on their actions. If a wrong choice has been made, a consequence will follow. This may involve a loss of some playtime, for example, or some time-out to reflect in another classroom. When the need arises, we take a restorative approach to follow-up. This may include staff supporting pupils to use 'The Whitehall Way' - our step-by-step approach to conflict resolution. Teachers nominate pupils for the 'Good Book'; senior staff award stickers to these individuals and classes praise their class mates. Pupils who go over and above are entered into a 'golden ticket' raffle which rewards them with a special activity with our Headteacher. Teachers also have the discretion to award class 'recognition time' if the class have excelled with their behaviour choices; this enables them to celebrate successes as a class team with an exciting activity at the end of the week. A summary of our approach is shown below.

Our Children's Views
Our children are given regular opportunities to have their say about the behaviour at school and to review our approach. We are proud that our children are keen to offer positive remarks and suggestions. As one Year 5 boy commented: 'It's about putting the focus on those doing the right thing.'

Behaviour - At a Glance...

Whilst our Behaviour Policy (see 'School Policies' page) contains our school's approach to behaviour management in detail, this 'at a glance' summary gives a brief and easy-to-read overview which will provide a good essence of our practice in action. 

Please see 'School Policies' page for a copy of our full behaviour policy.