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Brunel University's Young Scholars Programme

Whitehall Junior School is very fortunate to be working in partnership with, and taking part in, Brunel University's Young Scholars Programme this academic year.  This morning, Dr Blank, Professor Koshy and Mrs Jones attended our school to launch this programme with a whole school assembly.  This is a highly effective and innovative programme, which is designed to raise the aspirations and intellectual confidence of pupils.  The programme uses targeted educational material, four colourful and inspiring educational magazines supported by four learning journals. The material is intended to be used at school before it is taken home. The targeted activities support children’s learning, academic performance, and well-being. They build cultural capital and general knowledge, boost self-confidence, raise aspirations and help children socially.  Whitehall Junior School is very excited about being a part of this programme and we know that the children will benefit greatly from it.