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District Sports 2024

On Wednesday 10th July, Whitehall Junior School took 31 pupils from Years 3-6 to represent our school in this year's District Sports competition, competing against six other schools at Hillingdon Athletics Track.  Our pupils took part in either a track event, a field event or a relay race; all pupils performed amazingly throughout this competition, and they modelled fantastic sportsmanship throughout.  Whitehall Junior School were awarded with nine medals in total in the following disciplines:

Year 3 girls’ 50M sprint, gold medal

Year 3 boys' 50M sprint, bronze medal

Year 4 boys' 60M sprint, silver medal

Year 5 girls’ 70M sprint, gold medal

Year 6 girls' 600M run, bronze medal

Year 3 boys' tennis ball throw, bronze medal

Year 4 boys' standing long jump, bronze medal

Year 5 girls' triple jump, bronze medal

Year 6 4 x 50M relay, silver medal

Well done to all those who participated in this year's District Sports and thank you to all the families who came and supported us!