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Spring Term: 4


-Better late than never!-


May I begin by wishing all mothers and mother-like figures, a belated Mother’s Day wish. From what the children have reported, you were given special treats and in some cases, were even treated to a lovely cup of tea and a box of chocolates.




What an evening!


What a wonderful week of celebrations it has been! In partnership with the Infants, we celebrated the diversity of our Whitehall School Community. It never ceases to amaze me the talent that we have here at Whitehall Junior School and last week’s celebrations showcased a lot of different talent.


Thursday evening began with an International Food Fayre held at the Infants’ School Hall. With the wonderful array of food types from across the globe, I even managed to sample my first-ever tasting of Somali cuisine and other tasty treats. It was mouth-wateringly delicious!


Thank you to all families who contributed to the success of that wonderful culinary feast!



We value attendance highly at Whitehall Junior School. We record the attendance and punctuality of each class on a daily basis. Our school’s target for this academic year is to raise the level of attendance so that it is above 96% by July 2017 and reduce lateness.


The class with the best attendance this week is:

Year 3 Bees 98.5%

Year 3 Ladybirds 91.3%

Year 3 Dragonflies 98.1%

Year 3 Caterpillars 97.4%

Year 4 Bears 96.9%

Year 4 Lions 95.7%

Year 4 Tigers 97.9%

Year 4 Elephants 98.7%

Year 5 Penguins 97.3%

Year 5 Eagles 99.7%

Year 5 Owls 97.9%

Year 6 Dolphins 98.7%

Year 6 Sharks 96%

Year 6 Whales 94.7%


Well done, Class 5E, on having achieved the best attendance rate this week! Let us all strive to have 100% attendance.




Famous Poet visited WJS today


Valerie Bloom, a famous poet, visited our school today. Our children had a wonderful assembly delivered by her and it was lovely to see so many of you having a copy of her books signed in the playground. For additional information about this award winning poet and her writing, please visit Valerie’s website:


Last Day of Term


As the last day of term will be on Friday 31st March 2017, the school will be closing at 2pm that day. It is important that all children are collected promptly.


Online Safety


In this increasingly digitized world in which we live, it is becoming progressively difficult to keep abreast of latest technology, software and apps; a problem that clearly does not affect our children. Children, it appears, seem to evolve with new technology, often leaving us, their parents and teachers, far behind with our knowledge and understanding.


It is here that danger lies.

  • Do YOU know where your child goes when they are sitting alone on the iPad/phone?
  • Do you know who they are talking to and who they have (virtually) invited into your living room, or worse the seclusion of their bedroom?
  • Would you be happy for your child to invite a complete stranger round in real life and, if not, do you condone through turning a blind-eye that exact behaviour when your child is online?


We are fortunate here at Whitehall Junior School that children come to speak to us about their concerns. If you have any concerns or need help then please do not hesitate to come into school and talk to us to see if we can help you.



Mindfulness in schools



This week’s Mindfulness ‘Power Thought’ is:

` Every mistake I make is another step closer to my success!’

This week we have been learning more about making mistakes and how they help our brains grow stronger.

We have made our own brain cells (neuron) and have reflected upon our mistakes and how they have helped us become smarter.


We have also learned about famous failures and identified how their mistakes and challenges led to their success!


After-School Clubs


We are fortunate to be running a full programme of before and after-school clubs again next term. The club lists have now been mailed out to you and online registration will open on Friday 31st March 2017.


As each club has a limited number of spaces allocated, it is important that your child commits to the club that they have signed up for. If your child misses 2 sessions or is late in being collected on 2 occasions, he/she will no longer be allowed to attend that club.


Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers


Mr Cummings, our PE Co-ordinator, did a count of the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers and we are pleased to announce that we already have about 2500. Don’t forget that we are still collecting these. If you have any, please bring them in to the Office. Every voucher helps us to get new equipment to further resource our PE lessons.


Year 4 Disco tomorrow


The Year 4 disco will be taking place on Wednesday 29th March 2017, from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. Tickets cost £1 and will be available until Wednesday morning.

Lost Property: Tested glasses


One pair of glasses has been claimed but we still have an assortment of tested glasses in the medical room. Should any of these belong to your child, please claim them from the Office.


Updating Email Addresses


In our continued efforts to improve our communication between the home and school, we need to have updated contact details from parents.


We currently require email addresses for parents, as this will allow for us to send messages, newsletters and other letters to you via our messaging system. Should you have an additional email address that you wish to add to our mailing list, this will help us to ensure that all communications gets to you.

Term Dates

School Term Dates 2017 – 2018

Spring Term 2

Monday 20th February 2017 –

Friday 31st March 2017(2pm closure)

Summer Term 1

Tuesday 18thApril 2017 –

Friday 26th May 2017

Summer Term 2

Monday 5thJune 2017 –

Friday 21st July 2017