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Summer Term: 6


Welcome to all new families joining our school this week! This is the final term of this academic year. With a mere 6 weeks remaining until the Summer holiday, there is still much consolidation of learning to do and many exciting whole-school activities to look forward to.


This week, all engaged in a jam-packed Health and Fitness Week organised by Mr Cumming. This included our Sports Day Extraordinaire, making fruit delicious treats from fruit and the wonderful addition of the climbing wall this year. All this was made possible by the Sports Funding Grant which all schools receive and helps expose our children to many new codes of sports.


The highlight of my week was our annual Sports Day which was well attended this year. There was an amazing sense of togetherness and brilliant sporting abilities shown by children and parents alike. The tug-of-war event caused great excitement too and left many of us with aches and pains thereafter. Overall, fun was had by all!


The Sports Day scores were as follows:


Winning house- Frays House (2 284 points)

2nd place - Chiltern House (2176 points)

3rd place - Mill House (2110 points)

4th place - Colne House (2054 points)

Congratulations, Frays House! Wonderful to see that you were able to boost your house points by demonstrating such great athleticism on the day!


We look forward to seeing our Year 6 travelling party off to Cardfields on Monday morning and to start our Whitehall Week activities with those who are remaining.






We value attendance highly at Whitehall Junior School. We record the attendance and punctuality of each class on a daily basis. Our school’s target for this academic year is to raise the level of attendance so that it is above 96% by July 2018 and reduce lateness.


The classes with the best attendance this week are:


Year 3 Bees 88.2%

Year 3 Ladybirds 91.7%

Year 3 Dragonflies 87.6%

Year 3 Caterpillars 98.3%

Year 3 Overall 91.45%


Year 4 Bears 97.7%

Year 4 Lions 89.7%

Year 4 Tigers 95.2%

Year 4 Elephants 87.9%

Year 4 Overall 92.63%


Year 5 Penguins 91.7%

Year 5 Eagles 90.8%

Year 5 Owls 94.2%

Year 5 Swallows 96.5%

Year 5 Overall 93.3%


Year 6 Dolphins 91.3%

Year 6 Sharks 94.3%

Year 6 Whales 93.7%

Year 6 Overall 93.1%

Well done, Class 3C and Year 5s overall on having achieved the best attendance rate this week! Let us all strive to have 100% attendance next week.


Star of the Week


As a school, we like to acknowledge different people’s achievements and this week we would like to congratulate the following pupil:


Amarachi, a Year 4 pupil, recently took part in the Mid-Bucks Performing Arts Competition. She entered the Tap solo event where she earned herself second place and Tap duet dance where she tapped her way into fourth place.


“What an impressive result, Amarachi! We look forward to seeing one of your routines in a Wednesday’s assembly soon.”





Lost Communication recently


In an unfortunate course of events in the last two weeks, it appears that Eduspot has had problems with effectively sending all texts and emails on behalf of the school. This seems to have mostly affected Hotmail and Yahoo users.


This has therefore meant that some of you may have missed vital communication sent out by us regarding Health & Fitness Week.


We are working closely with them to resolve the matter and apologise for the inconvenience that this may have caused.


GDPR: Posting images of Social Media


It has come to my attention that some families are sharing videos of school events on social media websites such as Snap Chat and You Tube. I cannot stress the importance of this not happening as you will not have had the permission from parents of all other children featured on those videos or images shared.


In light of the latest GDPR regulations, I have to ask that you remove any of these with immediate effect. Thank you for your co-operation.



Eid Celebration


As a multi-cultural community school, we do well to acknowledge all faiths and where possible, we try to mark all significant festivals. A few of our families will be marking the end of Ramadan by celebrating Eid this week.


All children, regardless of whether you are celebrating Eid or not, are welcome to come dressed in party clothes on Friday 15th June 2018 to make this a memorable occasion. Thursday’s halal option will be served on this day instead.


**Class 4T Assembly**:

Due to the uncertainty as to when Eid will be celebrated (Friday or Saturday), the Tigers’ Assembly will be presented on Thursday 14th June 2018 instead. All parents are encouraged to attend at 9am that day.


Lost property box


As the weather gets warmer, our lost property box is spilling out with so many items of school uniform. It is a mixture of labelled and unlabelled property needing to be claimed. Feel free to look through the red lost property under the shelter and reclaim that which is yours.


Summer Fair donations

Are you needing to do a clear out of toys and games at home?

We are making a special appeal for donations of new, unused or good condition toys and games. This will allow us to have a stall where children can purchase something special for themselves. Feel free to drop all donations off at the Junior School’s Office.


We also need volunteers to help at the Summer Fair: set up will be from 13:00pm. If you can assist, please come along then and introduce yourself!


Summer Fair Raffle: 1st Prize



This beautiful bicycle is the 1st prize that could be won as part of our Summer Fair raffle again this year. For just 50p, you could have as much of a chance, as any, to win this brand new children’s bike just in time for the Summer. Get some more tickets now!


Term Dates


Advance notice: As we will be closing for our long Summer holiday on Friday 20th July 2018, the school will be closing at 2pm that day.


The after-school club will therefore not run that day. ALL children are to be collected at 2pm instead. Please make arrangements for an earlier collection of your child from school that day.

School Term Dates 2018

Summer Term 6

Monday 4thJune 2018 –

Friday 20thJuly 2018

2pm closure

**Training Day**

Monday 2nd July 2018


Autumn Term 1

Wednesday 5th September 2018-

Friday 19th October 2018

**Training Day**

Mon 3rd & Tues 4th September 2018